Live Sound

Mixing bands for over 40 years and not deaf yet. Mixing more variety than ever, from Thrash to Bluegrass at the moment and the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine is jumping (been there since 2005). The Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Theatre and The Forum was a highlight in 2018 year, my old mate Ted Gardner is their manager. And i’m enjoying the occasional Models show (first mixed them early 1979, did their 40th Anniversary show at the Corner Hotel in Oct 2018, i love that band) with dates in 2019. They tell me i like a challenge and I prefer analog over digital for live sound.

Bald Hill Music Studio

A boutique home studio set on the side of a hill in Central Victoria.  Views to the horizon from the treated recording room. Excellent microphones, valve and solid state pre-amps into the DAW. Separate control room with PSI Audio monitoring and latest software. Specialising in acoustic music and small bands. Latest recordings released include ENDA KENNY Kitchen Ballads and MARNI SHEEHAN & MARK SMITH A Crazy Dream. Congratulations to JOHN MCNAMARA on scoring numerous local and international awards and a deal with a US label for his CD Rollin’ With It. The rhythm tracks were recorded by a who’s who of blues greats at Ardent Studio, Memphis. John’s vocals and guitars were recorded at Bald Hill Studio and i mixed the CD. Mastering by John Roberto.

Mastering & Audio Restoration

CD and Vinyl Mastering, Cassette transfer to CD.

Audio Equipment Reviews

Writing reviews for Audio Technology Magazine 2007 to date. Speakers, microphones and digital consoles mainly.